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Al Lukehart
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I’m Al. Work-related inquiries can be sent to al(at) I love Ghibli films, Tolkien (my pet Madagascar hissing cockroaches are all named after the cast of the Lord of the Rings), eerie things, world history, comics, and bellydance. If I’m not drawing, I can be found rolling polyhedral dice at the gaming table!
I've been sharing a lot of rougher artwork on my instagram, tumblr, and twitter lately. So if you're an adventurous Pokemon trainer, you may spot a wild jingle in the tall grasses out there. (Use a Fast Ball if you want to catch me.) I'm making a booklet of my ink work and sketches for 2014-'15 which I'll be selling at SPX in September; also will take preorders online, so just ping me if you're interested and I'll set one aside for you when it's ready! 

Hope you all have been well! <3 - Al


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Sol-Caninus Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015   General Artist
Any words of wisdom for a digital novice?  Been at it about five months.  Recently got a tablet w/stylus. 
justjingles Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
SUNDOG! Long time no talk, I hope this rainy autumn sees you well. I'm excited to see what you do with the digital medium! My advice is to incorporate your tablet into your daily art practice. Since your true passion is line work, I would focus on what you are familiar with traditionally and work on transitioning your skillset into the digital as well. So perhaps work in some digital studies and sketches alongside your usual traditional practice, until your mind-stylus connection forms (there's this window when you first get a tablet that makes it hard to draw as naturally as you would with a pencil in hand).

You may find that a thin, hard round brush with pen pressure turned off, and Transfer mode UNchecked in the Brushes pane (in photoshop) emulates a ballpoint pen fairly well. A hard round brush with pen pressure activated and Transfer checked can emulate a round brush and india ink as well. 
Sol-Caninus Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015   General Artist
Where were you with that advice when I needed it?  LOL.
I'm through the window, drawing with a tablet and stylus in a way that's natural and unobtrusive, i.e., I don't think about it, or spew a constant stream of invective as I go along.  Took long (it seems).  Many times I had concluded it was either impossible to draw with a tablet, or then learning to do it would have a negative effect and degrade my ability.   All the same, I kept at it.  Made the transition one night all at once - at least that's how it seemed.  In any event, I'm a big fan of digital drawing and painting, now.  And basically did it the way you said - using the tablet constantly.  In fact, now, that's about all I use during the day.  At night, in down time, I continue with paper an pencil.  It's a rare moment when I sit down at the drawing board to open a bottle of ink.

Linework my passion?  Gad! Woman.  Have you seen my line work?  LOL.  

Haha.  No.  I know what you mean.  But, it's not line work for it's own sake.  It's the progression of line toward color.  The passion is to paint - which, previously, I pressed toward with graphite and ink . . .  creating mud and tone-soup.  The goal now is to take the next step, putting it all together with color.    

I'm experimenting with that by drawing a completely new way using the lasso tool.  So, the drawing doesn't really show, anymore.  There is no linework, only the gesture drawing and the painting.  I do a basic gesture drawing using paint brush - just vectors for action - then do the construction with the lasso, painting in volumes as I go.  

It's all so new that it's difficult to know which way to go, so I'm just feeling my way through it as I study what's what and see what others do with it.

Thanks very much for the tips.  I'll give 'em a whirl.  Feel free to crit and drop digital knowledge on me.  I have PS basics nailed down, so even if you go over my head, I can figure it out . . . eventually.  :D
justjingles Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
You are SO welcome, come yak at me about digital art anytime. Lasso tool + big fluffy airbrush eraser is a lot of fun to play with as well. A unique strength of digital media is the eraser, it's just as valuable a tool to me as the paintbrush itself!

I'm so thrilled to hear you're enjoying the medium and pushing your skills. I'm really interested in improving my draftsmanship this year as a personal goal. And I will! I'm planning on rejuvenating/redecorating around here (devart) soon <3
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SharodDC714 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015…

I've ordered two these things look amazing Jingles you might want to check them out
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